About Us


The 3 key experiences of the event industry.


Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays....

At EMC, we create everlasting memories by celebrating life and its possibilities. No celebration is too big, nothing is too much and we provide all you desire and then some.
Celebrations often turn out to be a test of endurance; chaos and pandemonium reigning. Our objective in this circumstance is to ensure that you actually enjoy the experience rather than give in to the numerous concerns that arise. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that you do not need to deal with any woes right from deciding to create an event until after the big day.


Meetings, seminars, trade shows....

We believe that one needn’t give into the traditions of the usually dull settings of a seminar or conference. There are a wide range of possibilities to turn these drab scenarios into more enjoyable experiences. Not only are we adept at providing an eye-catching yet formal set design but also catering to multiple event technology concepts that not only make the event more captivating but simultaneously more enjoyable.


Offsites, getaways, retreats, leisure travel....

Goa, our home base, provides an ideal setting for any leisure or bonding activity that one may wish to indulge in. Ranging from corporate team building activities to leisure getaways for a bunch of close friends or family, we understand the variations and limitations of each facet. Our endeavour is to ensure stress-free planning and one can rest assured that the importance of these events is not lost on us.




    A true artist by birth, Ernleigh is the creative genius of EMC. Starting his career in hospitality, he went on to pursue further education at one of the finest hotel schools of the world, in Switzerland. Upon graduating with honors, he realized his true calling was to immerse himself in his family tradition of décor specialization and event planning. He followed his father – internationally renowned event décor guru, Francisco Martins – ‘s footsteps into the industry. Now taking the reins over from his father, coupled with his flair for creativity and natural talent, he is one of the most successful up-and-coming names in the events industry. He is instrumental in organizing prestigious events such as IFFI by ESG, Carnival and the annual parade, in Goa.



    Craig brings a unique combination of organization, creativity and resourcefulness to EMC. Craig gets his flair for management, by having learnt from the best. He started his career in Food & Beverage operations and then moved to the internationally renowned Goa Marriott where he headed the hotel’s signature restaurant, that is one of the most celebrated dining venue in Goa that went on to win several international awards, such as the prestigious Times Food Guide Award.In 2009, he entered the hotel's event department and found that he had a penchant for the profession and a natural flair for excelling in it. His passion combined with determination helped him escalate his career quickly within the organization, while handling a diverse portfolio of events from start to finish. As a Marriott International Certified Wedding Planner and Event Manager, Craig is the recipient of several accolades from the Marriott, Moet Hennessey, Remy Martin and Ronnefeldt amongst others.