Event design

Custom designed sets that are tailor-made to suit your requirement

Production & fabrication

An entire team whose sole purpose is to build any bespoke design to exacting specifications


From basic drapes to elegant themes, no decor is impossible

Pro audio

High-end audio equipment that literally delivers the best bang for your buck!

Lighting design

Lighting that is specifically used in a manner to bring out the best in each element


Innovative and modular display systems for presentations and visual effects


Made-to-order arrangements ranging from grand table pieces to entire floral wall coverings

Artist management

Speciality acts to add a level of glamour to your event

Event permissions & licensing

From music permissions to fire safety, we know what your event needs, and get it

Guest hospitality services

We reflect your intentions towards attendees by making sure they have a good time

Venue management

Assistance that enables you to make an informed decision to suit your needs

Food & beverage consultancy

Internationally certified menu planners that incorporate a local touch

Travel solutions

Travel solutions that are customised to suit your event needs

On ground logistics

Local transporation arrangements to meet any and every need

Merchandise and memorabilia

Novelty concepts and creations for the most discerning event planners